SWITCH Bluetooth controller

Bluetooth switch for SmartMESH lights

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✔️Battery-free control device for the SmartMESH® series
✔️Perfect control for S&G lights
✔️Works without batteries or power connection
✔️Patented system generates energy through Switch operation
✔️Timeless design, easy to combine and to attach

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Controllable via app

including charging station

Suitable for outdoors

8 hours battery life


With the help of the app you can create schedules and choose from up to 160,000 colors. You can dim the lights or activate candlelight mode. The color temperature of the light can also be continuously regulated. The lights can be controlled individually, together or in freely configurable groups. Thanks to mesh technology, they communicate with each other, expanding the reach of the app

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting

Our lights combine style, comfort and sustainability by being not only energy efficient but also long-lasting thanks to their innovative LED technology. Immerse your surroundings in warm, pleasant light and feel how you save energy and costs at the same time. From indoors to outdoors, living room to pool, design your spaces with Smart and Green and experience a beautifully lit environment that supports your sustainable future.

Longevity thanks to high-quality components

The high-quality polyethylene plastic, developed specifically for outdoor use, has particularly strong UV resistance. Even after several years in the sun, the cover of the Smart & Green lights is still really white.

The flexibility of the PE also means that its breaking strength is unmatched, so that the lights can be used in many hotel pools and wellness spas without hesitation. The waterproofness of IP68 (still 100% tight up to 1m under water) is another plus point.

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